• 提供一個學習「信、望、愛」實踐基督精神之學校,在聖經基礎上,認識基督教信仰,建立良好的生活習慣和品德。
  • 提供是一個與時並進,持續學習與發展的學校,培育幼兒的學習興趣和求知精神,樂於探索的態度。
  • 在靈、德、智、體、群、美六育上有均衡的發展,締造一個健康、積極和愉快的學習校園。
  • 提供一個群策群力、團隊和諧的關愛校園,培育幼兒正面的價值觀和積極的態度。
  • 幫助每位幼兒發展成為一個愉快、有健康體魄、善於溝通、樂於與別人交往、富創造力和想像力的人。


School Characteristics

  • To provide a learning environment of “Faith, Hope, and Love,” and to practice the spirit of Christ. On the basis of the Bible, to know the Christian Faith, to establish a good living habits and character with the spiritual, moral, intellectual,  physical ,social and aesthetic development, in order to enhance a healthy,  positive and joyful learning campus.
  • To provide a school with continuous learning and development , and provide opportunities for children to explore and acquire knowledge.
  • To provide an environment of team spirit, harmony and care to develop children’s positive values and attitude.
  • To help each child develop good interaction, communication skills, and creativity.