1. 致力推動生命教育,以人與自己、人與他人、人與環境及人與神這四方面成為課程設計之核心。
  2. 積極推動以兒童為本的專題教學,提升學生自主自發的學習興趣。
  3. 運用「蒙特梭利」操作式教具,增強學生數概及邏輯思考的能力。
  4. 設計多元化的展示活動,運用戲劇及美藝教學,增強學生對語文學習的興趣,提升他們表達、與人溝通的能力及創意能力。
  5. 增強家長教育及提升家校合作之效能,從而幫助家長協助子女學習,提升學生學習的成效。


Course Features

Adhering the purpose of Christianity to extend Life Education as the core of the curriculum, “Child-centred” educational philosophy, closely linked to the student’s life experience and developmental stages. We promote arts and drama activities (Skills), Project Approach and Montessori Education  (Knowledge) and Loving and Caring culture (Attitude) for Whole-person development.


  • Committed to promoting Life Education, with the core curriculum design including Self, Others, Environment and God.
  • Enhance student’s spontaneous interest in learning through child-centred curriculum.
  • Enhance student’s mathematical and logical thinking through ‘Montessori’ operating materials.
  • Enhance their interest in language learning, communication and creativity through Drama and Art teaching strategies with children’s performance.
  • Help parents improve their child’s learning effectiveness through Parent Education and Home-school Co-operation.